Sunday, April 1, 2018

Newsweek discovers Russian authorities waging hybrid war against Europe

Putin's secret plan — divide and conquer Europe

Newsweek realized it only now!!! (or pretending to have it "discovered"). The power rulers of Russia have been waging hybrid war against Europe as its prime foreign policy objective, for a very long time. Probably since the 18-th century, at least.
The post WWII timeline is as follows:

- begun shortly after the WWII by the SU financing all communist parties (except those financed by China).

- by early 1960-ties they realized it failed, switched to financing, training and supporting the radical left students and other "useful idiots" and social disruptors.

- by early 1970-ties they realized it failed , switched to financing and training the hard-core terrorist groups such as German Red Army Fraction and Italian Red Brigade groups.

- by 1980-ties it failed so they switched to more subtle tactics of radicaising minorities of all kinds to disrupt the social order. At the same time they begun planting and financing environmentalist movements such as Greenpeace and German Green Party.

- Since that last strategy of social disruption worked, they enhanced that by mid 2000-d by subverting certain political parties to promote open border unchecked immigration into Western Europe but only from selected Middle Eastern and North African countries such as to maximize social disruption, excluding from this the dangerous (suspicious towards Russia) populations from the Eastern Europe.
[I forgot to add last but not least]

- Not everybody realizes that even though Brexit campaign was formally organized by UKIP, it was paid by Russia. The purpose was to carve Britain out of Europe. Notice how the post-Brexit British politicians have suddenly stopped immigration from the Eastern Europe but not from the radicalized Muslim countries. Let Newsweek find the answer to that! ;)

The power rulers of Russia are currently winning the hybrid war against Europe. In my opinion, logic dictates that the next hybrid front will be opened up in those European countries who are NOT in NATO!