Sunday, May 12, 2019

Recession & global social collapse?

Interesting video, interview with Igor Witkowski (in Polish)

Some quotes (paraphrased):

"The currently experienced social upheaval is driven by the humanity's collective unconscious desire to move away from the presently dominant form of perceptions".

"Getting out of the Matrix"

"The polls made by a social research firm 2 years ago found that two-third of the young men in the Western and Southern Europe would be willing to join a revolutionary uprising had such erupted"

"French 'Yellow Vest' social uprising reflects a mass-rejection of the establishment and of the status quo, that is supported by about 50% of adults and represent a mixture of extreme left with the French nationalism, similar to German national-socialism of the 1930-ties."

"People of the Western and Southern Europe sense that something is wrong but have no clear and constructive idea how to fix it"

Pułapki tej cywilizacji - Igor Witkowski, by TV Victoria, Published on May 2, 2019

Witkowski has pointed out that the media has been completely ignoring or under-reporting that the manufacturing growth has stagnated world-wide and is heading downwards in many if not all major industrialized countries, indicating a possibility of a global recession! See the screenshots of the economic data for the 10 of the major industrialized countries.