Sunday, October 25, 2015

5 questions to Canadian politicians

1) Are you in favor of reducing all taxation and making it exactly equal for all entities, corporate and individuals? 

2) What is your take on dismantling the privileges and monopolies of the medical professional bodies, insurance providers, cellphone companies and legal professionals? 

3) What is your view on the legal policy of mandatory minimum sentencing for repeated offenders, expansion of the prison system, frequent police speed-checks and terrorism legislation? 

4) What is your view on nuclear power plants? 

5) Do you consider the data indicating that the climate may be cooling off rather than warming up, to be plausible and, are you open to consider alternative possibilities that the currently publicized theories may (or may not be) true?

As of to date, none of the questions were answered by any of the local politicians or their staff.

During the recent Federal election in Canada, I posted the above questions to the local candidates in Peterborough County by emails and by Facebook, to all political parties (PC,Liberal,NDP and FD) except Green party because their candidate does not seem to have an email or a phone.

One candidate (Maryam Monsef) immediately deleted my questions (see above) from her election campaign Facebook.

I got two replies only, one from the Force de Democratie party candidate (by phone) and one from a Liberal support staff.

None of the replies addressed the questions. No answers no real discussion or debate so far. Are we not supposed to ask questions and request some answers from the people who need our votes and our money in order to have jobs? Am I arrogant to demand the answers or are they arrogant by not answering them?

Stan Bleszynski

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Stan Bleszynski