Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Who financed recent destabilization of the Western World?

This is a "Big Picture" rant.

1) United States. 

I am proposing a thesis that the unnatural (to the American tradition and culture) shift towards leftist collectivism in the American politics and in the high school system, was influenced financed and coordinated by Saudi Arabian political and religious elite.    Financing of the United States democratic party through Clinton Foundation and financing of the Bushes family by supporting their oil interests in the Middle East.   It was an alliance.  It came to an abrupt end earlier this month through Trump-instigated palace coup-d'etat on the Saudi's court, that ousted a couple of hundred top Saudi oligarch and billionaires, most of them open supporters and financiers of the American "Progressives" (who are being investigated and in the process of being ousted in the US).

2) Europe

Over a million refugees were shipped to Europe in the last 2 years.  Initially from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, later on a vast majority being Muslims from Africa.   Africa is not all Muslim.  Why are all African immigrants Muslim?   Human trafficking gangs charge  a few thousand dollars to smuggle a person from Africa therefore the total cost of smuggling a million people to Europe is probably a couple of billion dollars.  There is only one country that  have had a plan and could afford it without blinking:  Saudi Arabia!

3) Middle East

How come that all of the American weapons left behind in Iraq a few years ago when Obama withdrew his troops, locking out the American bases from the Iraqi troops? Most if not all of the equipment left behind was later on carried away by Sunni terrorists under  Al Baghdadi, which quickly was renamed as ISIS?   Absolutely not an accident!   It must have been preplanned and coordinated.  Whose interest was to create a fanatical Sunni army that would saw terror against all Iraqi Shia nations, against Syrian nations and against Iran's allies?  Saudi's oligarchs together with their US allies (under the old pre-Trump government)!       How come that ISIS came to an abrupt end "coincidentally" with the Saudi palace coup this months, following Trump visit a few week previously, following a coup in Turkey a few month earlier?   It matches the narrative really well - the narrative of the unholly alliance between fundamental Saudi Islamic oligarchs, and Western "Progressives" and Leftists being in the process of broken up by the Trump administration.   

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Masonic enemy from within - Polish lost war of 1939

Interesting video by Andrzej Pochylski on the beginning of WWII, German-Polish war of 1939.  This video is in Polish, I will summarize the author's thesis:

Many if not most most Polish high command generals including the army chief marshal Rydz-Smigly, abandoned their posts and command  in Poland in just the first days of war, leaving behind the lower ranking officers in charge in charge of not fully mobilized army without orders or guidelines.  The author builds a thesis that Polish generals deserted their post because they followed specific orders to flee Poland,  obeying Freemasonic order to which they all (or most of them) belonged. The orders emanated supposedly from London according to the author.   Even though German army was in 1939 stronger (1.5M vs 1M soldiers) but not hugely stronger and not as well armed as later in 1941, making a defensive war in Polish situation of 1939 not a hopeless endeavor.  If fought properly, it would incur extremely heavy losses upon the attacking armies, as an example of  Fino-Soviet war of 1939 has showed.