Sunday, November 19, 2017

Masonic enemy from within - Polish lost war of 1939

Interesting video by Andrzej Pochylski on the beginning of WWII, German-Polish war of 1939.  This video is in Polish, I will summarize the author's thesis:

Many if not most most Polish high command generals including the army chief marshal Rydz-Smigly, abandoned their posts and command  in Poland in just the first days of war, leaving behind the lower ranking officers in charge in charge of not fully mobilized army without orders or guidelines.  The author builds a thesis that Polish generals deserted their post because they followed specific orders to flee Poland,  obeying Freemasonic order to which they all (or most of them) belonged. The orders emanated supposedly from London according to the author.   Even though German army was in 1939 stronger (1.5M vs 1M soldiers) but not hugely stronger and not as well armed as later in 1941, making a defensive war in Polish situation of 1939 not a hopeless endeavor.  If fought properly, it would incur extremely heavy losses upon the attacking armies, as an example of  Fino-Soviet war of 1939 has showed.

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