Thursday, June 29, 2017

150th Anniversary of Canada!

Commonwealth of Canada  (not the current flag)


A lot has been achieved, a lot more to accomplish:

- Reduce taxes and make the rules, rates and tax brackets equal for all entities, corporate and individuals.

- Dismantle the privileges and monopolies of the medical professional bodies, insurance providers, cellphone companies and legal professionals.

- Reform the legal system towards more liberal. Abolish indeterminate detention and anti-terrorist legislation.

- Replace wind and solar power with nuclear power.

- Pull out of Paris Climate Accord.

- Reduce wages in the Public Sector by 30% distributing funds to poor and homeless.

- Reform education system by removing it out of state control, allowing local township to fund both private and public schools through vouchers, and allow determining the school programs to emphasize employable trades, craftsmanship and science, while reducing exposure to literature and arts.  Emphasize diversity over conformity.

- Delegalise public expression of all religious symbols and doctrines except on old buildings  and sites of historical value.

- Delegalise all secret societies.


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