Saturday, August 5, 2017

Societal destruction using radicalized minorities - Marcuse legacy

Ever wondered why does the Left whack the unsuspecting middle classes with the salvos of politically correct intolerance? Why did radical Left o focus on black Americans, working hard to radicalize them even after all the legislation has been equalized? Ever wondered why the Radical Left and the academics are now focusing hard at radicalizing LGBT community setting them up against a generally tolerant mainstream society, creating artificial conflicts where there has been none and escalating various issues and pressing new demands? Ever wondered who and why exactly unleashed a flood of bogus refugees upon Western Europe, accusing everybody who spoke against to be "racist"? Why are "Antifa" actions so frequently violent? Why have so many of the university campuses became riddled with SJW radicals, becoming intolerant against a free debate? It has all been written below and planned since early 1960-ties. It is called a "Repressive Tolerance" theory by Herbert Marcuse. Since he recognized the fact that by 1960-ties Marxism has failed because the tolerant Western societies have largely satisfied the needs and aspirations of the working classes reducing their desire to change anything in the society. Furthermore, the radical left was no longer very successful in organizing the radical groups around various ideas because the society was already so tolerant of multiple ideas and allowed expression of so many ways of life and thoughts that there was no real need to be radical about anything. One can just do, say or worship almost anything, within the law.

Marcuse came up with the idea that in order to change (read - destroy) the existing order in the society, one has to attack the source of the "problem" (from his point of view) - the tolerance itself. He came up with the idea that in order to radicalize a minority and make them rally around a single cause, one has to dispense with any idea of tolerance to diverging views within that community, then keep pressing demands upon the mainstream society accusing them of intolerance, then escalating demands up to a point when the society begins firing back reverting from the tolerance into self-preservation mode, giving more opportunities to accusing the mainstream society of oppression. Eventually those accusations may turn out to be true, and a minority may have to pay a high price, however the main goal of the leftist radicals is not helping any minorities' causes - these are just their tools, but rather of destroying or destabilizing the society.

Last but not least. I believe that the Left, the Statism, Collectivism and all social manipulators will sooner or later fail here because Humans are wonderfully unpredictably disorganized, irreverend and noncompliant!


Other Links and References:

(watch from minute 33-37)


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Po czym rozpoznać marksizm? Krzysztof Karoń [in Polish, "How to recognize Marxism"]
Note: above video essay is fascinating. The author is putting a thesis that marxists and socialists lost out because most of the working class people choose good work ethics and organic work leading to organic economic growth benefiting an entire society, over their proposed revolutionary path. To counter that trend, the Left decided to undercut and denigrate the organic growth and good work ethics by undermining the entire professional education system in the West. There is a lot more, very insightful presentation and well worth watching.

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